Dentist Labrador

Oasis Dental is now open in Chirn Park, located just minutes from Labrador. Right now we are offering patients an initial check-up with no out of pocket expenses for with dental cover OR $150 for patients without cover, including:

  • Comprehensive examination
  • Dental X-rays (including OPG)
  • Photographs
  • Scale/polish
  • Fluoride treatment
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“At Oasis Dental Chirn Park, our goal is to work closely with you, ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy while assisting you in perfecting your smile”

— Dr Andrew Firgaira, Founder of Oasis Dental Chirn Park

About Oasis Dental Studio

Oasis Dental Studio has been operating on the Gold Coast for many years now; and as our beautiful city grows, Dr Firgaira, Dr Agrawal, Dr Ashford and their fantastic team have taken the opportunity to establish a brand new, state-of-the-art practice at Chirn Park to cater for the influx of patients coming in from the area including Labrador. Click here to meet our team.


Your Treatments

Do you know the type of dentist you require? Whether you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, orthodontics, dental implants or just a general check-up, Oasis Dental Chirn Park has the perfect solution for you!

At Oasis Dental Chirn Park, we believe that the best person to decide on a treatment is the patient; this means that although we may recommend a particular treatment to you, we will always provide you with all the options applicable to your treatment needs so that you can decide on the treatment path you desire.

General Dentistry

Do you require a check-up? Oasis dental Chirn Park is conveniently located approximately 2 km from Labrador and specialise in assessing the health of your smile. We can also offer second opinions on the filling and crown that has been recommended for you.

Other general dentistry includes:

Contact our team at our Chirn Park clinic and mention our open offer to claim your GAP FREE check-up (for those with health cover) OR have your comprehensive examination for only $150.

Emergency Dental Labrador

Do you require a dentist last minute due to an accident? We can help you over the phone as well as in our practice. Click here to find out more or call our emergency line 0448 173 720.

Other services include:

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