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Dr. Matthew Hedge

Dr Matthew Hedge grew up in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW prior to completing his Bachelor of Dentistry at Charles Sturt University in Orange. After completing his degree, he worked between private practices and public hospitals across the Mid North Coast region, then decided to make the move to the glorious Gold Coast at the beginning of 2018 in chase of a fantastic lifestyle, beautiful beaches and new opportunities. 

Matt thoroughly enjoys general dentistry but has a passion for cosmetic dentistry and making people feel happy and confident with their beautiful smiles! He also has a keen interest in Invisalign® treatment and loves providing patients with the newest and most effective modern treatments available. Matt also has a knack for children’s dentistry, ensuring kids feel comfortable and making sure they have a great experience in the dental chair. 
Outside of dentistry, Matt competes as a bodybuilder and has been involved in the fitness world for well over 10 years. He also surfs, loves his football (and most sports) and absolutely adores dogs. He is also a massive food fan and loves to spend his weekends heading out for coffee with friends and eating out. 

Get to know Matt!

The exact moment that I decided I wanted to become a dentist was…

After finishing high school, I did some work experience and spent some time with a family friend who was a dentist in Port Macquarie. I found myself really enjoying it, and he offered to help me with the university application (and put in a good word) if i wanted to apply….so i did! The stars aligned and I managed to get accepted into the undergraduate dental degree at Charles Sturt University.

What I love most about my job is…

Making people SMILE. Doing aesthetic makeovers to help people feel happier with their teeth is one of the most satisfying and exciting parts of my job. I love seeing how much it improves a person’s self-confidence and happiness when they address whatever it is that is stopping them from smiling. I also really enjoy changing people’s perspectives towards dentists and coming to the dentist. I think we’ve come a very long way from the old school dentists that a lot of people grew up with decades ago, and it’s great to see people really excited about the way we have modernised the practice with new technology, and made everything so much more comfortable for patients.

My favourite type of dental treatment is…

Aesthetic treatments & Invisalign. I’m currently studying a post graduate diploma in Aesthetics and Clear Aligner (Invisalign) therapy.

If I wasn’t a dentist, I would be…

A vet in a zoo. Or something in sport – maybe a physiotherapist.

My favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast in my spare time is…
Simple: Food, Gym & The Beach


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