Palm Beach

Chirn Park

Elisha Johnson


Oral Health Therapist

Adv. Dip OH, BOH (Adel)
Oasis Dental Studio Broadbeach

As a proud Queenslander, Elisha has spent most of her life in her hometown of Brisbane up until 2017, where she moved to Adelaide to study the Advanced Diploma of Oral Health and then onto the Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide.  

Prior to her move, Elisha had spent 6 years as a Dental Assistant where she established a true passion for dentistry and subsequently driving her ambition to become an Oral Health Therapist.  

Now with over 10 years in the dental industry, Elisha enjoys being able to provide all aspects of dental treatment to children under 18 years as well as general dentistry and cosmetic treatments for adults including ZOOM! in-chair teeth whitening, Invisalign issuing and implant, periodontal and general maintenance cleans.   

On the weekends, Elisha loves to explore the vast variety of good food and coffee that the Gold Coast has to offer. She is a devoted NRL and Brisbane Broncos fan and you will no doubt see her in Maroon colours for the State of Origin!

Get to know Elisha!

The exact moment that I decided I wanted to become an Oral Health Therapist (OHT)

When I was about 7 years old, I had to see an OHT to have a baby tooth pulled. Instead of what could have been a potentially traumatic first dental visit actually turned out to be a very happy and memorable one. I remember the OHT being very caring and kind, and all my fear was replaced with positivity and reward. I never had issues with the thought of going to the dentist after that. 

I really strive to create the same experience for both children and adults who have dental anxieties or those who are hesitant at their first dental visit. I want patients to enjoy our company and look forward to coming back. I too, hope I can be that same friendly face people can have a positive memory of in the future, just like I had.

My favourite type of dental treatment is…

I love teeth whitening! it’s great to be able to really boost the confidence of those who feel their teeth are a little more on the yellow side and help get them smiling again.

If I wasn’t an Oral Health Therapist, I would be…

I really love learning about our Solar System and the Universe so maybe an Astronomer!

My favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast in my spare time is… 

Obviously the stunning beaches! But I also love trying all the different boutique cafes where the coffee and food is good! 


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