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Cosmetic dentistry requires an artistic eye with extensive experience that can translate it technically to a perfect smile. This is how we approach all of our cosmetic dentistry treatments at Oasis Dental Studio.

Our Gold Coast dentists have the experience and training to be able to undertake a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments to enhance your smile.

However, we understand that dentistry isn’t just about improving the appearance of your smile, it’s about function. We consider the full effect of each treatment that we complete and how it will affect your overall dental health. This is crucial as your overall wellbeing is our number one priority. We look at shape, gums, gender, age, lifestyle and more when considering your smile makeover. Our treatments can dramatically change your appearance, making you look years younger while significantly improving your confidence.

Our dental practices offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments utilising the most advanced techniques and technology, which can be combined to create your dream smile based on your specific goals and unique needs.

These include:


These cosmetic dental treatments can address a wide range of concerns and dental imperfections, including:

  • Brightening your smile or removing tooth stains using in-chair or take-home teeth whitening
  • Correcting oddly shaped teeth which may be chipped, small, or uneven
  • Straightening crooked teeth and aligning overbites, underbites, crossbites and crowded teeth

Cosmetic Dentist Gold Coast

If you’re ready to begin your smile journey, let one of our dental experts assess your most suitable options and tailor your custom plan during a no-gap, no-obligation consultation (complimentary for patients without a health fund). Contact your nearest Oasis Dental Studio or book online now.


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