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Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021


Each year as Mother’s Day approaches, it’s safe to say that we all fall into one of two categories:

  1. The exceptionally organised kid who already bought the perfect gift weeks (maybe even months) ago, or,
  2. The one who’s rushing around the shops like a madman the day before. 


With Mother’s Day 2021 just one week away, the clock is ticking and we’re not going to let you fall into that second category! Instead of settling for another candle or bath bomb set, here are the best Mother’s Day gifts that you can buy last minute to let Mum know how loved and appreciated she really is!

Article Summary

  1. Subscription box
  2. Signature facial
  3. Dried flowers
  4. Microdermabrasion⁠ 
  5. Experience gift
  6. ⁠Skin needling⁠



1. Subscription box

If you haven’t yet heard about subscription boxes, there’s a whole new world for you to explore! Subscription boxes involve prepaying for a themed box of goodies which are delivered to your door as either a one-off or for a particular duration of time (eg. for 1/3/6 months). They’re a perfect gift idea for any occasion, as there is literally something for everyone, from food and drinks, to games and puzzles, beauty, or outdoor activities.

Here are a few popular options:

For the healthy mum

Goodness Me offers subscription boxes for both health foods and natural beauty/wellness which include around 10 products in each box, thoughtfully selected for the health conscious customer.

For the coffee drinker

Three Thousand Thieves is the best Mother’s Day gift for the mum who’s passionate about her daily caffeine fix. Each month focuses on a new roaster, and you can either select espresso or filter, with the beans either whole or ground.

For the green thumb

Easy Come Easy Grow is a lovely option for mums that enjoy getting out into the

garden. Their subscription boxes include at least 3 different herb or vegetable seeds

to grow at home with grow cards to help her get started. They’re not just the usual ones you’d see everyday, with more unique seeds included instead!

For the bookworm

Well Read will be well-received by your mum if she loves winding down with a good

book. She’ll receive a new title as often as once a month, which will be a hand-picked 

new release or hidden gem that you won’t see advertised in the mainstream. This 

means she’s bound to open something she’s never read before!

For the wine connoisseur

We’re pretty certain that Act of Wine will go down a treat for most mums, when she

receives 3 hand-picked wines from their panel of wine industry experts. Whether she prefers a glass of red, white or a mixture of both, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Goodness Me Box

3. Signature facial

If your mum deserves to be pampered (of course she does!), she’ll likely love to be spoiled with a signature facial.

At Face Studio, your Gold Coast facial is personalised according to your skin type and concerns. It’ll involve 1.5 hours of relaxation, focusing on your face, neck and décolletage.

It may include:

  • Double wash
  • Skin assessment
  • Deep exfoliation (Microdermabrasion or Hydradermabrasion)
  • Warm and gentle steam
  • Massage
  • Extraction
  • Peel
  • High frequency
  • Vitamin serums
  • Mask


Every single step is customised according to skin type and tolerance, for the ultimate experience and results. You can get your gift shopping done and dusted by booking your appointment at Face Studio Broadbeach.


3. Dried flowers

If your mum absolutely loves the feeling of getting a beautiful bunch of flowers and is also into her home decor, luxury everlasting dried flowers are an awesome Mother’s Day gift idea. It’s always disappointing when a fresh bunch of flowers reaches the end of their short life, but luckily dried flowers will last forever! This also means that they can feature in a prime position inside your mum’s home as a lasting memory. 

Pretty Dead Flowers are a talented Gold Coast-based business who sell dried flower arrangements Australia-wide, offering incredible custom pieces to suit any size, colour or style, as well as a whole bunch (no pun intended) of pre-designed options to choose from!

Dried Flower Arrangement by Pretty Dead Flowers

4. Microdermabrasion⁠ 

For the mum who says “I don’t want anything”, she’ll surely appreciate the gift of fresh, glowing skin instead of a physical gift. A few sessions of microdermabrasion on the Gold Coast will be a thoughtful treat for the mum who is conscious of taking care of her skin.

Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation that makes the skin healthier and more refreshed by removing old, dead skin cells. There’s little to no downtime after the procedure, which involves polishing the skin with a handpiece utilising a diamond encrusted tip, followed by the dead skin cells being vacuumed up into a disposable canister.


5. Activity/Experience

If your mum values the time you spend together over everything else, an experience gift is bound to be your best option. You can browse through endless ideas on websites such as Red Balloon, where you can see activities based on location (for example, fun activities on the Gold Coast) and make a booking for the both of you.

Again, there’s something for everyone, whether your mum would love a high tea experience, wine tasting tour, hot air balloon ride, or a paint and sip session.

6. Skin needling⁠

There’s a good chance that your mum would appreciate the opportunity to get instantly firmer, smoother skin at no cost! Skin needling is a super effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. Skin needling at Face Studio on the Gold Coast will leave mum’s skin glowing, and can also benefit those with scarring, stretch marks, blackheads, open pores, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. 

Skin needling works by using very small needles to create tiny perforations in the skin, which causes a healing response in the deeper layers and encourages your skin to produce new, collagen-rich tissue.

As you can see, the best gifts are the ones that create lasting memories or help your mum enjoy the precious time she has, whether it’s with yourself or by giving her the opportunity to indulge in some much needed “me-time”! 

To treat your mum to some self-care and pampering, there’s no better time than now to book her a skin appointment at Face Studio at Oasis Dental on the Gold Coast. Book her microdermabrasion, signature facial or skin needling conveniently online 24/7, or by giving our lovely team a call on 07 5526 8722.


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