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Many of our dental patients have been asking how the current COVID-19 operating restrictions are affecting the dental treatments our Gold Coast dentists can provide and what it means for their teeth!⁠ Below are some answers to these commonly asked questions for our patients.

Even though Oasis Dental Studio isn’t able to operate at our full capacity right now, we’re still here to support our patients and their wellbeing! If you need further assistance or require emergency dental treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 07 5526 8722. 

Article Summary

– Are you staying open?
– What issues can you treat?
– What if I have a toothache?
– Why can’t I have my routine work done?
– What about my filling/clean/crown etc that was already booked?
– How will I know if my dental problem is okay to leave?
– What happens if things get worse?


Coronavirus Emergency Dentist on the Gold Coast

In summary, due to the current Coronavirus restrictions from the Government and the Australian Dental Association, we are required to postpone all non-emegency dental treatments.⁠ We are still able to care for our patients who are experiencing pain, swelling or dental trauma, so if you are experiencing a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 5526 8722 to find out if you meet the criteria for emergency treatment.⁠

Our patients will be constantly updated on our operations, so to make sure you’re the first to hear when we can resume all other dental treatments and for tips on dental care at home in the meantime, follow our social media pages below, sign up to our newsletter and check out our COVID-19 updates page. 


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