Is Drinking Through a Straw Better for Your Teeth?


Taking excellent care of your teeth should be a top priority – after all, they’re going to stick with you for a really long time. Of course brushing and flossing are pivotal to teeth care, but the food you consume also plays a large role in oral hygiene and the health of your teeth.

There are many foods that are great for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strengthening your enamel.

You may already know that some beverages we consume cause more harm to our teeth than others. For example; sweet or acidic drinks can irreversibly damage tooth enamel, causing sensitivity and decay. Dark-coloured beverages can stain teeth. 

With this in mind, water should always be your ‘go to hydration’ drink. However, with Summer and the festive season on the horizon, you can opt for a better way to consume a  social beverage. Whether its a breakfast juice, iced coffee, fancy cocktail or basic spirit – try using a straw.  

Why Straws are Better for Your Teeth

Drinking through a straw is typically better for your oral health and for looking after your kids’ teeth because less of the beverage comes in contact with your teeth. Sipping straight from a glass may result in an increased risk of acid and sugar damage. 

Drinks such as fruit juice, lemon water, soft drinks and alcohol are high risk beverages. These drinks have an increased acidic pH and over time can dissolve tooth enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and other oral health related problems. 

Sweet drinks that are sipped straight from a glass are in direct contact with your entire mouth. Decay causing bacteria love this sugary coating and you may be at higher risk of developing tooth decay, which may lead to the need for fillings or other dental work later down the track. Drinking through a straw can minimise tooth contact, giving you healthier and happier teeth. 

Using a straw will also allow you to consume beverages that are known to cause stain with less direct contact on teeth. This will reduce tooth discolouration. Coffee and tea are two popular substances that are likely to stain your teeth if you consume them on a daily basis. It may seem a little unnatural to drink a hot beverage through straw, however as Summer draws near, an iced version will not only cool you down, but drinking these through a straw is very acceptable. So, get your caffeine hit through a straw to help keep your smile bright and white! If your teeth are already stained, you can restore your pearly whites to their sparkling state with our Gold Coast teeth whitening treatment – both take-home whitening kits and in-chair teeth whitening are available at Oasis Dental Studio.

Best Types of Straws

For multiple reasons, drinking through a straw is better for your overall oral health. You’ll reduce the risk of sensitivity, dental decay and tooth discolouration. But, let’s not overlook the negative impact plastic straws have on our oceans and marine life. Plastic straws are not biodegradable and they aren’t accepted by the majority of recycling programs. Save a turtle, always opt for an eco friendly paper straw, or better yet, invest in the reusable variety. Metal, bamboo and glass straws are readily available from health food shops and markets. Save the environment and your teeth one drink at a time!

If your’re in need of a check-up and clean, teeth whitening or any other dental treatment on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us at Oasis Dental Studio. Our highly experienced team of dentists can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of!


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