Dental Holidays – Are They Worth It?


Australia’s neighbouring countries offer incredible getaways, with relaxing beaches and colourful drinks with tiny umbrellas. But that’s not all they offer. Some places like Thailand and Bali are also providing tourists cheap dental work – turning trips into dental holidays.

Dental tourism is an enticing new market. But by going abroad for dental work, are you putting your smile on the line? We discuss the benefits and risks of overseas dental work below.

The Rise of Dental Tourism and Dental Holiday Packages

Getting your teeth done abroad is an increasing trend in Australia, and many companies are getting on board. They’re offering overseas dental holiday packages that mix adventures with new dentures, or skydiving with teeth whitening. Regardless of the itinerary, they all include a low-cost dental procedure.

Some of the big overseas dental work includes:

Many of these procedures can be done during a 2-day trip, while others require you to stay much longer.

Things to Consider Before Going on your Overseas Dental Holiday

Quality Assurance

What does ‘low cost’ really mean?

The Australian dental industry is heavily regulated, and our standards are set incredibly high. The materials used are the best available and dentists spend a lot of time consulting with their patients on different options. Overseas, dental standards are different – and potentially much lower.

No one wants to pay for a botched procedure, even if it was half the price of a local one. But there are big risks with overseas dental work. With different standards, there’s less accountability during each procedure and after it (if something goes wrong).

Rushing Consultation

Communication is key when discussing your dental options. Do you feel like the overseas company has your best interests in mind, and have they clearly defined your options? Your time is limited on an overseas dental holiday, restricting the time for proper consultation and procedures.

Follow Ups

Even in Australia, dental procedures can get tricky. Some will require follow-ups and, in a few cases, a new procedure to fix something that goes wrong. With overseas work, the dentist that does your procedure won’t be with you during the later stages. A local dentist, on the other hand, will be available every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a local dental solution on the Gold Coast, get in touch with the friendly team at Oasis Dental Studio today.


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