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9 Reasons You Should Choose A Dentist For Your Injectables

A beautiful smile doesn’t just depend on your teeth, but also your lips, gums, and surrounding facial features. This is why more and more dentists are offering injectables to complement their other dental treatments, taking a more holistic approach to enhancing your smile as well as using muscle relaxant injections to treat dental issues such as teeth grinding and TMD.

But why should you choose a dentist for your anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers? Dentists are highly qualified to perform facial injectables in a clinical environment for a number of reasons, which we’ve summarised below!


1. Dentists give facial injections every day

As dentists, we provide facial injections every single day when administering local anesthetic prior to dental treatments such as fillings, wisdom tooth removal and root canal therapy. By giving more daily injections than most other professions, we’ve had the opportunity to perfect our technique, especially considering we’ve been trained at university to inject in the most pain-free, effective way possible. 

2. Dentists can make dermal fillers pain-free

To increase your comfort, the most a regular cosmetic injector can do is apply a topical numbing cream prior to injecting your fillers. On the other hand, your dentist can administer local anesthetic before the procedure so you won’t feel a thing!

3. Your dentist knows your face

Most people have been visiting their dentist every 6-12 months for many years, so they’re already extremely familiar with your medical history, your smile and your face. This puts them in the perfect position to create a fully customised treatment plan for you.


4. Dentists have an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy

Your dentist has spent years studying the shape and proportions of the face, as well as the facial anatomy such as blood vessels, muscles, bones and nerves. They’re highly aware of the relationship between facial structures such as the lips, teeth, chin, nose and cheeks. This means they know exactly how to administer your injectables to give you the most aesthetic, balanced and natural results.

5. Dentists have an eye for detail

Skilled dentistry involves the smallest of details and changes within the teeth, especially for treatments such as veneers or crowns. This means your dentist is already highly accurate when treating the face, plus they have the added bonus of incredibly steady hands. Injecting muscle relaxants and dermal fillers requires precision, with the position and depth into the muscle being imperative to achieving the best results and to minimise complications.

6. Your dentist can identify and prevent complications from injecting

As health professionals, we have a significant understanding of potential drug interactions and high-risk anatomical areas of the face. This means we’re in the best position to prevent possible medical complications from occurring with injectables, or safely resolving any issues if they do occur.


7. Dentists are experts at sterilisation and infection control

Getting your injectable treatments at a dental clinic means you’ll be treated in the most sterile environment possible, with the treatment rooms being thoroughly sterilised and cleaned to the highest standards between each patient. This significantly reduces the risk of infection or complications during treatment.

8. Dentists can prescribe the injectable medicine themselves

The products used in cosmetic injections require a valid prescription from an authorised prescriber such as a medical doctor, dentist or nurse practitioner. This means that if you are being injected at a cosmetic clinic, your injector may still need a doctor to consult with you to prescribe the medication, whereas your dentist can prescribe it directly to you, making the process more efficient and simple.

9. Injectables at the dentist are discreet and convenient

If you’d prefer that no one know you’ve got an appointment for anti-wrinkle treatment or dermal fillers, visiting the dentist would not spark any suspicion from family or friends! Most people would assume you’re just popping in for a check-up, which you can also do at the same time as your injectables to kill two birds with one stone and reduce the amount of appointments and travelling required.

What other issues can injectables treat?

In addition to enhancing your facial features, smoothing wrinkles, adding volume and definition and creating a more youthful appearance, dentists can use injectables to improve:

  • Teeth grinding/clenching
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Orofacial and craniofacial pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • TMJ pain
  • Myofascial pain dysfunction
  • Pain and discomfort when fitting new dental appliances such as dentures or braces


As you can see, dentists are the ideal choice for using muscle relaxants and dermal fillers to improve or restore the dimensions and appearance of your face and lips, providing the safest and most aesthetic results.

Gold Coast Injectables

To find out more about anti-wrinkle treatment or dermal fillers on the Gold Coast, get in touch with the team at Oasis Dental Studio. We offer free cosmetic consultations with our Gold Coast dentists who specialise in injectable treatments alongside our other dental treatments. You can book an appointment online or find out more by giving our friendly team a call:


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