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Best Way to Remove Teeth Stains: Types of Teeth Whitening


If your teeth are dull, yellow or discoloured, you might be looking for the best method for getting rid of teeth stains. Whether you’ve got teeth with brown stains or teeth with yellow stains, there are teeth whitening options that will give you the brighter smile you’re looking for!

To determine how to remove teeth stains, it’s important to find out their underlying cause, as there are two types of teeth stains: Extrinsic and intrinsic.  Here are some facts about teeth whitening you need to know:

Extrinsic stains

How are extrinsic teeth stains caused?

The main extrinsic discoloration causes include smoking cigarettes, consuming foods and drinks like red wine or tea/coffee, which can over time stain the outsides of your teeth. 

How to remove teeth surface stains

These stains can be removed at your next dental hygiene appointment by your dentist or oral health therapist, where they can remove these stains safely. 

Intrinsic stains

How are intrinsic teeth stains caused?

Intrinsic discolouration occurs when the stains are within the tooth. These stains can be caused from also smoking, medication, illness, tooth trauma and ageing. 

Can deep teeth stains be removed?

Intrinsic stains can be safely treated with professional teeth whitening at the dentist. Oasis Dental Studio provides Gold Coast teeth whitening patients with the option of in-chair ZOOM! Whitening, completed in an hour at our dental practice on the Gold Coast, or a take-home teeth whitening kit to remove stains in your own home to suit your schedule. 

How does teeth whitening work?

To begin your teeth discolouration treatment, it is best to have a dental examination as the first step to a brighter smile. This is due to the fact that some teeth may need to have restorations or other treatment before or after your teeth whitening, so it is best to discuss and plan this with your dentist to begin with. 

How do take-home teeth whitening kits work?

If you choose a take-home kit from Oasis Dental Studio, our highly experienced team will custom-make your whitening trays to fit exactly to your teeth, so that each tooth will be whitened evenly. This method can be completed daily at home over a few weeks to reach your desired shade of whiter teeth.

How does in-chair teeth whitening work?

At Oasis Dental Studio, if you decide on the in-chair option at your nearest Gold Coast dental clinic, you will need to make an appointment for approximately an hour for the whitening treatment. This option is the fastest way to fix teeth stains and have the teeth brightened. The results are instant, and you can also add a take-home teeth whitening kit with your in-chair treatment to have the best whitening results and maintain your whiter smile in the long-term.

What are the best teeth whitening products?

Generally, we use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to safely whiten the teeth, as these are the most effective teeth whitening methods.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

The main side effect of professional teeth whitening is temporary teeth sensitivity. The benefit of having your teeth professionally whitened by a dentist instead of buying an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit or teeth whitening kits online is that your dentist will advise you on the most suitable strength of whitening product for your specific teeth and your history of tooth sensitivity.

How to reduce tooth sensitivity

Your dentist can provide you with desensitising gels and ointments and also recommend a sensitive toothpaste before, during and after your whitening treatment to minimise teeth sensitivity.

Gold Coast Teeth Whitening

Whether you have teeth stains from coffee or tea, teeth stains from smoking or teeth stains after braces, Oasis Dental Studio has a Gold Coast teeth whitening option to suit you! Contact us today to achieve a brighter smile:


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