Skin Needling: How to Prepare for the Treatment (and Prices)


Skin needling is a safe and highly effective treatment to help refresh your skin and reverse the effects of ageing. It boasts a number of awesome benefits, from reducing wrinkles, large pores, scarring and stretch marks, to creating a more even skin tone and a more refreshed texture. It’s the perfect complement to other skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and cosmetic injectables to help you feel and look your best.

If you’re trying to decide whether skin needling is the right treatment for you and find out what’s involved, here are our best tips for preparing for skin needling and how much it may cost you!

Article Summary

  1. How does skin needling work?
  2. What to do before your skin needling treatment
  3. What to expect after skin needling treatment
  4. How often should you get skin needling?
  5. How much does skin needling cost?

1. How does skin needling work?

Skin needling (also called microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), involves rolling a handheld tool over the skin to create very small punctures in the skin’s surface with a group of tiny needles. The skin then begins a process of regeneration thanks to the renewal of collagen and elastin.

2. What to Do Before Your Skin Needling Treatment

As everyone’s skin is different, your therapist can create a unique skin preparation plan tailored to your skin type to help encourage the absolute best outcome from your skin treatment

As a general guide, here’s a few tips for preparing for your skin needling appointment:

  • Avoid booking a skin needling session if you’ve taken Roaccutane in the last 6 months
  • Avoid IPL/Laser hair removal and sun exposure for 2 weeks beforehand
  • Avoid using topical creams/ointments/serums that can increase skin sensitivity for 5-7 days beforehand (such as retinoids/retinol, exfoliator, topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and acids that dry the skin eg. Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxyl Acids (BHAs), salicylic acid)
  • Avoid waxing and hair removal cream to the area 5-7 days beforehand
  • If combining needling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy which uses your own plasma to rejuvenate the skin, avoid blood thinning medications/supplements (such as Aspirin, fish oil, Omega-3 or Vitamin E) for a week before your appointment to reduce risk of bruising
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications (eg. ibuprofen or Advil) for 3 days leading up to the treatment. These medications can reduce the effects of the anti-inflammatory process that stimulates skin rejuvenation.
  • Don’t shave on the day of your treatment, as this can cause irritation to the skin. Instead, it’s best to shave the area the day before your appointment. 


Please note that moles and warts can’t be treated, and if you suffer from active cold sores, contact your clinic prior to your appointment for advice on treatment

3. What to Expect After Skin Needling Treatment

Another benefit of skin needling is that you should experience minimal downtime after the treatment before the regeneration process begins to get your skin glowing!

For the first 48 hours, you can expect a little bit of redness. During this time It’s also important to wear sunscreen if you’re leaving the house as well as avoiding excessive sun exposure, as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun. You should also hold off on exercising/sweating and saunas.

New collagen production will begin within 48 hours and your skin may already feel tighter within this time, with results becoming increasingly apparent within the first 6 weeks and continuing to improve for months afterwards.

4. How often should you get skin needling?

Skin needling is most effective with several sessions spaced between 2 – 6 weeks apart, depending on the size of the needles and your unique concerns and skin type. Your therapist will tailor a treatment plan best suited to your needs to help achieve your glowing skin goals, which is why it’s best to book an appointment to find out how it can work for you. 

5. How much does skin needling cost?

Skin needling costs will differ depending on your location, the clinic, and which areas are treated. As a general guide, the price of skin needling on the Gold Coast can cost approximately $250 for full face, $350 for full face, neck and decolletage, and $450 for full face with PRP.*

Skin Needling on the Gold Coast

To find out more about skin needling in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, feel free to contact our lovely team on 07 5526 8722 or book your appointment at our Face Studio online! 

*Prices are approximate and current at time of publication and are subject to change at any time without notice.


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