Top 5 Myths About Anti-Wrinkle Injections


Anti-wrinkle injections are becoming an increasingly popular treatment for skin rejuvenation and restoring a more youthful appearance. If you haven’t yet experienced them for yourself, chances are you know someone who has!

You’ve also probably heard a few common misconceptions about cosmetic injectables when it comes to how they feel, what they do and who they’re suitable for. We’ve debunked some of the top myths below, so you can make a more informed decision when it comes to treating your skin and any of your aesthetic concerns!

Article Summary:

  • Myth 1: Cosmetic Injectables hurt a lot
  • Myth 2: Anti-wrinkle injections are unsafe
  • Myth 3: Anti-wrinkle injections make your face look frozen
  • Myth 4: Anti-wrinkle treatment is only for fine lines
  • Myth 5: Injectables are only for women



Myth 1: Cosmetic injectables hurt a lot

If you’re getting injectables for the first time, you may be worried that the treatment is going to be really painful. This may even be a reason you’ve put off making an appointment in the first place! We understand this fear, as most of us associate needles with pain.

We’re happy to report that the needles we use for cosmetic injectables are actually very tiny, and most people say that the sensation feels similar to a mosquito bite, only a slight pinch for a few seconds. Of course, everybody’s pain threshold is different, which is why we offer topical anaesthetic for patient comfort when providing lip fillers on the Gold Coast, while it’s often not necessary for anti-wrinkle injections.


Myth 2: Anti-wrinkle injections are unsafe

In the past, there was a common belief that anti-wrinkle injections were toxic and bad for the body. In reality, anti-wrinkle treatments have been used for over 20 years safely and effectively.

The substance used in anti-wrinkle injections is a purified protein which also naturally occurs in the body, which temporarily relaxes the muscles in the face. This causes lines and wrinkles to soften and reduces their appearance.

Our experienced dentists are highly qualified to perform facial injectables in a clinical environment for a number of reasons, including that they have a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and the science behind ageing, so you know you’re in the safest hands!

Myth 3: Anti-wrinkle injections make your face look frozen

Many people fear that if they get anti-wrinkle treatment, their face will be stuck in place and unable to form any expressions. This couldn’t be less true!

At Oasis Dental Studio, our goal is to create natural results. This doesn’t mean removing every single line, but instead softening these lines and preventing them from becoming deeper as your skin ages. As we get older, our skin can no longer bounce back in the same way, and muscular movements eventually form deeper lines in the surface. Anti-wrinkle injections are a simple and effective way to help keep your skin looking youthful and protecting it from further damage down the track.


Myth 4: Anti-wrinkle treatment is only for fine lines

Despite the name, anti-wrinkle injections aren’t only for treating crows feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines. This treatment can also be used to treat other common medical and aesthetic concerns, including teeth grinding and a gummy smile.

Teeth grinding or TMJ dysfunction can be reduced by injecting the masseter muscle with anti-wrinkle (muscle relaxant) treatment. This reduces the strength of the muscle, which can cause grinding and clenching of the teeth. Preventing this from occurring will help avoid further wear and damage to the teeth, and treat jaw pain and headaches. Weakening the muscle will also shrink it over time, and give the appearance of a slimmer jawline and a more V-shaped face.

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to treat a gummy smile, where too much of the gum shows above the upper teeth when smiling. Muscle relaxants are injected into the overactive muscles surrounding the lips, which are then paralysed temporarily and stop the upper lip from lifting up too high.


Myth 5: Injectables are only for women

Another myth that needs to be busted! Although traditionally injectables were thought of as a treatment for women, the past few years have seen the barriers being broken down for men who want to take care of their skin. After all, everyone deserves to look and feel their best!

Injectables have become less stigmatised over the past few years, becoming increasingly more mainstream for the general population, including males. Women are bringing their partners with them to cosmetic consultations, and men are investing more time and money into self care. They’re interested in treating their facial lines and wrinkles with anti-wrinkle treatment, with the term “brotox” even being a thing!

Our team of dentists are highly experienced in providing injectables for males on the Gold Coast, understanding that their concerns and needs may differ from those of females and tailoring treatments to suit their needs.


As you can see, cosmetic injectables may not be exactly what you thought they were. A quick, affordable and safe solution for addressing many concerns, both aesthetic and dental, injectables are now a regular part of many people’s skincare routines.

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If you’re looking for an experienced dentist for anti-wrinkle treatments on the Gold Coast, contact one of our studios today to find out more or to make an appointment to enhance your natural beauty.


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