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When Should I Replace My Veneers?


Porcelain veneers have become a very common long-term solution for those looking to fix a variety of cosmetic dental issues. While they’re an extremely effective and durable option for creating a more confident smile, there may be a chance that you need to replace them later in your life for several reasons. Veneers are expected to last longer if proper hygiene is maintained, along with regular dental check-ups and cleans. 


A few reasons which make it necessary for you to replace your veneers are:

  1. Your gums are pulling back
  2. The veneers are chipped or cracked
  3. They feel uncomfortable to wear
  4. The underlying tooth is decayed
  5. Your veneers are dark or stained


When your veneers become damaged for one reason or another, replacement becomes inevitable. The replacement procedure is very much similar to the initial installment of your veneers. We’ll go through some more details about each of these scenarios below, so you know what to potentially expect if you’re getting veneers applied or think your existing veneers may need to be refreshed.


1. Your gums are pulling back

There is a chance that your veneers may get separated from your gums. It usually happens due to underlying tooth decay or gum disease which creates a wide gap. You are recommended to visit your experienced dentist in this scenario to get optimum dental care. Your dentist will remove your veneers to treat tooth decay or gum disease, after which new veneers are applied again.


2. The veneers are chipped or cracked

Although porcelain veneers are considered durable for about 10-15 years, they can break or crack due to chewing on hard objects or direct facial trauma. It is advised to avoid chewing on pens, fingernails, and other hard objects to prolong the durability of your veneers. In the case your veneers are chipped or cracked, you’ll need to book an appointment with your dentist and invest in a new set of veneers to restore them to their previous condition.

3. They feel uncomfortable to wear

Discomfort can be a problem faced by some patients who have opted to get porcelain veneers to solve their dental concerns. This will usually only occur when veneers are improperly applied by a dentist with little experience or without consideration of the structure and symmetry of the mouth.


This issue can be avoided by ensuring you do your due diligence to research the experience and qualifications of your chosen dentist, to establish that they are capable of achieving high-quality results that are completely tailored to your unique needs. It can be beneficial to take a look at their veneers before and afters on their social media accounts or website to begin with.


When applied correctly, your dentist will use a strong bonding agent after taking a custom mould of your mouth during the process of creating and applying your veneers. This ensures that your veneers are perfectly fitted to your mouth, avoiding potential discomfort down the track.

4. The underlying tooth is decayed

Underlying tooth decay happens as a result of poor oral hygiene. Over time, the bonding agent used to hold veneers loses its grip and the bacteria finds its way to enter beneath your veneers. This decay-causing bacteria can eventually cause your veneers to detach from the supporting tooth and gum resulting in a wide gap. 


To encourage the best oral hygiene and help prevent decay, we recommend you brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily and avoid smoking to ensure the durability of your veneers. Despite your best efforts, there is sometimes still a chance that you suffer from underlying tooth decay which will necessitate the replacement of veneers, which is why it’s important to maintain regular check-ups with your dentist to catch any issues as soon as they arise.

5. Your veneers are dark or stained

Smoking and poor dental hygiene eventually result in the staining of your veneers. This is especially true when acidic foods are the main part of your diet. Teeth whitening treatments usually won’t be effective on your veneers and the only option left is the replacement of your dark-stained veneers with new sparkling ones. 


Ceramic veneers are an effective way to enhance your smile. They can address a wide variety of dental aesthetic concerns, but they do also require equal attention like your normal teeth. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, avoiding smoking and non-abrasive toothpaste and using soft bristle toothbrushes are some ways that can increase the lifespan of your veneers. If you feel that it’s time to replace your veneers and restore your sparkling smile, you can contact our amazing team of dentists on the Gold Coast to help you get started!


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