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Dental implants take dentures to a whole new level with fixed and removable tooth replacement options.


Dentures have always been a standing point for all restorative dental treatments as they serve the complete purpose of restoring function and appearance to the mouth after complete tooth loss…

Losing teeth is a fact of life and many people can experience complete tooth loss at some stage in their lives. Unfortunately, complete tooth loss is an incredibly serious implication for not only your smile but for your entire oral health and wellbeing. At the Oasis Dental Studio we have the capability to help patients regain their ability to eat, speak and laugh with confidence again. We offer dental implants at our studio in Broadbeach and often use this restorative treatment for the varying severity of tooth loss from singular tooth loss to complete tooth loss. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our older Gold Coast patients with a restorative option that can be either fixed or removable to suit their desires and dental needs. Dentures are an incredibly popular way of replacing teeth and many people can be apprehensive to consider alternative restorative treatment options. Dental implants however, consider the entire health of the mouth and accommodate dentures with fixed and removable options.

Fixed and removable supported dentures are one of the best methods for replacing total tooth loss…

A denture has long been one of the only methods for replacing a mouth full of teeth that have fallen out for a variety of reasons such as tooth decay, gum disease and trauma to the teeth. Dentures are ‘false teeth’ that appear and function like real teeth; this restorative treatment will sit over the gums/jawbone and give the patient their smile again. Unfortunately, dentures are not a permanent solution to tooth loss and the biggest reason why they cannot contribute to continued oral health.

Dental implants provide something that dentures along cannot; a connection between the teeth and the jawbone/gums. Whenever we eat, speak or use our teeth, they will clash against each other and this friction sends vibrations down through your teeth and into your gums/jawbone. This stimulation keeps the mouth healthy and alive. That is why combining dentures with dental implants is one of the greatest innovations in dentistry to date. Patients can instantly regain their smiles and re-establish a connection to the jawbone/ gum line with multiple dental implants. Denture supported implants can be ‘fixed’ or ‘removable’ which gives the patient an option to have traditional dentures which are removable or a permanent solution to tooth loss.

At Oasis Dental Studio we use Biohorizons dental implants who are established leaders in dental implant technologies…

Biohorizon is a dental implant provider who is dedicated to developing evidence-based and scientifically-proven dental implant products for patients and their dentists around the world. That is why Dr Andrew Firgaira at Oasis Dental Studio sources only the best quality restorative materials and products for his patients from Biohorizons. The Biohorizon Company supplies a variety of dental implant attachments to replace tooth loss such as:

  • Single tooth
  • Multiple tooth
  • Fixed implant supported
  • Removable supported
  • Implant stabilised

Replacing missing teeth is the best thing you can do for your oral health and your smile…

Teeth are fundamental to good bodily health and wellbeing and in the event that we no longer have all of our teeth it can be damaging to our ability to eat, drink, communicate and smile. Fixed or removable implant supported dentures are the best way to re-establish the connection of your teeth and your gum line/jawbone. At Oasis Dental we are committed providing the Gold Coast with exceptional restorative care and dental implant treatment options.

If you would like to find out about our dental implant supported denture options or would like to discuss the other treatments we have available for singular or multiple tooth loss than you can give us a call today on 07 5526 8722

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