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The dental health of you and your family is our number one priority. We know that sound dental health is central to overall health and wellbeing.

General dental care covers a wide range of services, focusing primarily on preventative care, minor restorations, and diagnosis and treatment. It’s essential to see a general dental practitioner at least once every 6 months to ensure your teeth remain in top condition.

A significant part of general dentistry is providing preventative care and checking that the patient is maintaining good oral hygiene and dental health. If dental problems are identified during the check-up, the general dental practitioner will be able to perform the necessary restorative procedures to appropriately treat them.

While we don’t all require significant restorative treatment, we still need to be confident our dentist will treat the smallest task with the same passion and precision as they would for any complex task.

Experienced General Dental Practitioners

At Oasis Dental Studio, we meet and maintain the highest standards of general dentistry. We employ the most effective techniques and technologies to ensure you receive the best quality possible with the highest level of comfort.

You can feel confident knowing our general dental practitioners are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with any dental problem, and can cater for any age. Our dentists will work with you to tailor treatment to suit your specific priorities and budget. With every visit, they’ll keep you educated on the best practices for oral hygiene so your teeth remain in top shape.

Dental X-Rays

In our check-ups, we use digital x-rays that are up to 90% safer than traditional x-rays. Digital images are instantaneously rendered on screen, so our dentists can outline any visible issues.

From there, we can begin treatment. For example, the x-rays might show you require additional treatments such as larger restorations or orthodontics to better align your teeth.

General Dental Services

General dental care is necessary for identifying dental problems and treating them in a timely manner. Your 6-monthly check-up is the best time for your dentist to see whether you require any restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns and/or bridges.

If you are experiencing a toothache or uncomfortable pain, it’s important to book in with a general dental practitioner as soon as possible.

The specific treatments in Gold Coast general dentistry that we undertake include:

In addition, we also undertake dental emergencies such as tooth extraction if necessary.

General Dentists Gold Coast

For more information or to book a check-up with one of our general dentist practice locations in Chirn Park, Broadbeach or Palm Beach, contact us today.


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