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BOralH (DentSci), GDipDentistry (Griffith)
Oasis Dental Studio Chirn Park
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Homegrown Gold Coast dentist Dr. Braden Prestidge completed his Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science, before going on to graduate with the Academic Excellence award in the Graduate Diploma of Dentistry.

Braden has extensive experience working in private practice on the Coast. His passionate approach to dentistry and patient care is illustrated in his meticulous attention to detail, and the assurance that his patients’ top priorities are met.

He is all about the “patient experience”, and his big smile and warm demeanour are a welcome sight for any patients who might be feeling anxious or afraid of visiting the dentist.

Braden is proficient in all aspects of general dentistry, and has developed a keen interest in cosmetic smile makeovers. He will be able to provide you with a tailor-made treatment plan to suit your needs and budget, and give you that stunning, confident smile you’ve always wanted! He is also a certified Invisalign® provider, and uses this to achieve the optimal outcome the most natural way possible.

Outside of work, Braden loves his health and fitness, competing in bodybuilding competitions and local touch football teams. He is very family orientated and is always keen for a Sunday BBQ!

Get to know Braden!

What I love most about my job is…

As dentists we have the pleasure of meeting so many different people. Some have come with recommendations from friends or family and are just looking to keep their teeth healthy, and some have walked through our door with a painful tooth, or have lost confidence with their smile, and are seeking the motivation and the means to make a positive change.

What I love most is working out what it is that has brought a patient in through our door, and helping them achieve exactly what they are after. Dentistry is about people, and about trust, and the art and science of improving (and sometimes even CHANGING!) people’s lives.

Good dentistry requires constant learning and an immense dedication to refining one’s technical skill, and I have always been one to love a challenge.

My favourite type of dental treatment is…

Advances in dental technology are allowing us to perform treatments in a way that were never possible before. Gone are the days of drastically cutting down a tooth in order to give the patient “white and bright”, no matter the cost to the tooth. My philosophy, and that of all dentists at Oasis, are to strive to deliver the exact results that the patient is after, whilst doing the minimum amount of invasive dentistry possible.

This often involves a variety of skills and disciplines including orthodontics (straightening teeth), optimising oral hygiene and utilising bonding technologies (such as fillings or veneers) to make teeth strong, beautiful and long lasting! My favourite “type” of dental treatment is whatever combination of these elements allows us to achieve this.

If I wasn’t a dentist, I would be…

A wizard, Harry.

My favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast in my spare time is… 

Having grown up on the Gold Coast, I just love enjoying everything that our incredible location has to offer! When I’m not busy loving teeth, there is a good chance you’ll find me either in the gym, on the touch footy field, taking my two little doggies out for walks along the Broadwater or trying out another awesome café with friends or family. 


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