Dental Implants Before and After Photos

Here are some of the results* our dentists have been able to achieve with their dental implant procedures at Oasis Dental Studio:

Patient A

Patient A required a single implant restoration to help achieve optimal oral health and function.

This patient had a fractured post and core retained crown which had to be replaced.

It was completed over a 4 month period in which we performed a same day extraction, implant placement, grafting and temporary crown.

The temporary crown was replaced with a permanent porcelain crown after 4 months.

Patient B

Patient B came to us with several missing teeth at the front of his mouth. This made it very difficult for the patient to speak or eat properly. Dr Firgaira alleviated his tooth loss with a 3 unit implant bridge which was attached to two dental implant restorations.

Patient C

Patient C required a full mouth rehabilitation where Dr Firgaira has combined four dental implants with multiple prostheses including crowns and bridges to completely restore the patient’s bite functionality and smile aesthetics.

Patient D


This patient presented with 4 missing teeth in the upper left. In this situation, we were able to replace the 4 missing teeth with 2 dental implants and a 4 unit implant supported bridge. In many cases, dental implant treatments can be combined like this to restore multiple teeth.

To see more case studies, take a look at our before and after gallery of Gold Coast dental work.

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*Please note: These before and after photographs should be viewed only as indications of past patients’ results. The results of your own dental implants will vary depending on a number of factors including the existing condition of your teeth and the complexity of the procedure undertaken by your dentist. Please speak to your dentist for an explanation of the specific results you can expect to achieve.


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