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Investing in a sports mouthguard at Oasis Dental Studio is the best way to protect your teeth, lips and mouth from being injured or damaged when playing contact sport or those where there is a risk of facial injury. They’re usually worn on the upper teeth, and help prevent the loss of one or more teeth, chips, breaks, a fractured jaw or damages to the soft tissue on the lips and inside the mouth.

Contact sports we recommend for mouthguard use include football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, to name a few.

We also highly recommend wearing a mouthguard for those who have fixed braces.


How your Gold Coast Custom Mouthguard is Made

Your custom sports mouthguard from Oasis Dental Studio are created by your Gold Coast dentist to perfectly fit your mouth. An impression of your teeth is taken by our team, from which the final mouthguard is individually hand-crafted in a local Australian laboratory using the highest quality material moulded from the impression.

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

A few of the reasons why you need a professional sports mouthguard include:

  • Superior fit
  • More comfort 
  • Better protection

These factors can also help ensure your child will wear their mouthguard when they need to.

Custom Mouthguard Options

Single Laminate

Single Laminate are high quality single layer mouthguards. Offering genuine protection for low and medium impact sports, this range is also suitable for crowded and misaligned teeth. Minimal moulding required for younger mouths.

  • Specifically for Ages 5 – 12
  • Single colour only
  • Suitable for all sports with low impact (basketball, soccer, little league sports).

Double Laminate

Double Laminate is ideal for all high impact sports which require a professional level of protection. With Dual coverage of the dentition, the design ensures speech and breathing remains unrestricted making these mouthguards great for athletes constantly

on the go.

  • Suitable for ages 13 to adult
  • Suitable for all sports with medium-low impact (AFL, rugby, hockey).

Fight guards

Fight guards incorporates advanced design features offering a professional level of protection and retention with triple layer coverage of the dentiton. These mouthguards are designed for serious athletes who require maximum protection.

  • Suitable for ages 13 to adult
  • Suitable for high impact sports (boxing, karate, kickboxing, taekwondo).

Custom Mouth Guard Costs on the Gold Coast

Most health funds will at least partially cover the cost of a custom made mouthguard from the dentist, every 12 months.  It’s particularly important for children to have their mouthguards replaced regularly while their mouth continues to grow and change. 

The specific cost of your mouthguard will depend which materials it is made from and the particular design. To receive a quote for a custom mouthguard, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn how to get a professional mouthguard made on the Gold Coast.


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