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Referred to as the ‘gold standard’ of dental implants, immediate tooth replacement allows patients to have their new teeth after just one appointment.

Immediate tooth replacement  is fast becoming one of our most popular dental implant treatments as it involves giving our patients their new smile in the same day! Also known as ‘teeth in a day’ and ‘immediate teeth’, immediate tooth replacement is a great way for patients to achieve their very best smile after their implant appointment.

At Oasis Dental Studio on the Gold Coast, we provide this treatment to patients who want a functional smile fast at a time that is most convenient for them. Dr Andrew Firgaira is a highly trained dentist who has gone to great lengths to further develop his understanding of restorative dentistry, in particular, the dental implant restorative treatment. He is dedicated to helping patients regain their smiles after tooth loss. The Same Day Teeth treatment plan can require singular, partial or complete tooth loss restorative attention.

What is the Process for Same Day Teeth?

Immediate replacement using dental implants describes the process of which the prosthetic teeth such as crowns, bridges or dentures are applied during the same phase as implant placement. During your implant surgery, your prosthetic teeth are created and placed after your implant has been inserted into the jawbone. The entire process is completed within the one surgical appointment so you can have the smile you want immediately!

What are the Benefits of Immediate Tooth Replacement?

There are many benefits to the immediate dental implant procedure, which include:

  • Custom moulding of your gums to create the most natural result
  • Gain a whole, beautiful and functional smile immediately after your surgery
  • Regain the ability to laugh, talk, eat and smile again
  • Oral mobility and functions can return to normal
  • The dental implants will reduce the chances of jawbone reabsorption, gum recession and tooth migration (unless treatment was total tooth loss where remaining natural teeth are non-existent)

Am I a Suitable Candidate for the Same Day Teeth Procedure?

Dr Firgaira will expertly assess your dental condition and recommend whether this treatment is within your best interests. To be an ideal candidate for this dental implant treatment, you will require:

  • An adequate amount of jawbone in order to properly support the dental implant
  • Good oral hygiene – there must be no periodontal disease or tooth decay present as these can significantly heighten the risk of implant failure
  • To not be a sufferer of bruxism, or if you are will require this to be treated first – as tooth grinding can cause the implant to fail
  • To be willing to adhere to a soft diet for up to 12 weeks post-surgery

Contact Oasis Dental Today for Gold Coast’s Trusted Same Day Teeth Dentist

If you’re looking for an experienced dentist for Same Day Teeth on the Gold Coast, contact one of our studios today:


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