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If you lack the required amount of jawbone required for dental implant treatment, this is often overcome with bone grafting.

During your suitability assessment for dental implant treatment, Dr Andrew Firgaira will not only check for any signs of dental or gum disease, he will also use a very safe and effective bone scanner (Sirono Orthophos XG3D, a type of Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography machine (CBVT)) to assess the amount of jawbone material you have. This will tell Dr Firgaira immediately whether your condition will allow you to progress to implant treatment or if you will require prerequisite surgical treatment in the form of a bone graft.

All aspects of your recommended treatment at Oasis Dental Studio will be discussed with you, including all associated costs, risks or possible complications so you can make an informed decision.

Why Do I Need an Adequate Amount of Jawbone Material for Dental Implant Treatment?

The dental implant procedure works by inserting the small titanium screw into your jawbone at the site of your tooth loss, thereby allowing the implant to become fused with the jaw as the jaw heals around it. If you have insufficient jawbone present, this can greatly increase the risk of implant failure and cause much pain and discomfort.

  • Bone Grafts: This is where our experienced implant surgeon will replace the missing bone material with the patient’s own organic bone material. This is often required when there is a severe lack of available bone.
  • Guided Bone Regeneration: This procedure uses bone substitutes in the form of Bio-Oss technology in conjunction with Mem-Lok as a regenerative tissue to assist the substitute bone to fuse with the natural bone for a new and stabilised jaw. This procedure is often favourable when only a small amount of additional bone is required and can often be conducted simultaneously with implant placement, thus eliminating the need for a second surgery.

Contact Oasis Dental Today for Gold Coast’s Experienced Guided Bone Regeneration & Bone Graft Dentist

Our commitment goes beyond simply providing high quality dental implant treatments. At Oasis Dental Studio, we go above and beyond to help our patients achieve a functional smile they can wear proudly. By providing these bone grafting options to our patients, we can help strengthen their smile and prepare their jaw for the next stage of their procedure: implant placement.

If you’re looking for an experienced dentist for bone grafting on the Gold Coast, contact one of our studios today:


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