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Dr Andrew Firgaira is a leading Dental Implant Clinician at Oasis Dental Studio who has been restoring dental implants since 2006 and placing them since 2007. In 2012, he completed a Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry and he continues to participate in regular ongoing training in advanced dental implant rehabilitation techniques. More recently he has begun to integrate guided surgical techniques in to his workflow to further improve accuracy for more difficult cases.

A missing tooth can cause much damage in the mouth, and will continue to intensify if left untreated. The good news is, singular tooth loss is generally easily treated and at our Gold Coast dental practice we strive to provide only the best procedures so you can experience comfortable, long-term results. One lost tooth can be an uncomfortable and even embarrassing experience (even more so if the tooth is in the ‘smile zone’) and a singular implant can efficiently take the place of a missing tooth and re-establish the connection lost in the process.

Singular Dental Implant Restoration Process

A single tooth replacement uses a singular dental implant to replace the missing tooth. For this singular tooth loss procedure, the titanium dental implant is surgically inserted at the site of the missing tooth. The dental implant will undergo a process of ossteointegration and over a period of months your implant will effectively fuse with your jawbone as it heals. This forms a strong, durable and powerful tooth root alternative which will re-establish the connection lost by the missing tooth; this connection stimulates the jawbone and the gum line to keep them alive and healthy. On top of the dental implant is an abutment which is then covered with a strong prosthetic tooth, such as a dental crown.

Step 1: Free Consultation – 15 mins

At this appointment, Dr Firgaira will review your treatment goals and talk you through the process involved in dental implant treatment, providing both implant cost and time estimates. If you have any previous records such as X-rays or 3D scans, please bring these with you. These will otherwise be required at your next visit.

Step 2: Implant Records Appointment – 30 mins: $250

If you are a suitable dental implant candidate, you will be rescheduled for a record taking appointment to allow us to plan your treatment from start to finish. The most common records required a cone beam X-ray (3D jaw scan), a full series of photos and also a digital intra-oral scan of your teeth and gums. The cost for this appointment is $250 for which health fund rebate may apply on the following codes: 026, 089, 071 x 2, 072, 073.

Step 3: Final Consult and Treatment Plan – 15-30mins: No charge or Health Fund rebate only

At this final consultation, Dr Firgaira will personally discuss all of the most pertinent factors regarding your specific case and in some cases, will present varying options and prices when more than one suitable option exists. By the end of the visit you will be presented with a fully itemised and costed treatment plan including time frames for the treatment proposed. When you are ready to proceed to treatment we will take a $500 deposit and order any surgical guides required for your case.

Step 4: Implant Surgery – 30-90 mins

This appointment is very unique to each case and can range from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of your case.

Step 5: Implant Restoration – 30-45 mins x 2 visits

Your final restoration is usually delivered around 3-4 months after your initial surgery. If you require a temporary restoration until this time, many options exist and will be discussed with you in your planning appointment.

Step 6: After Care

A well placed and restored dental implant should provide years and preferably decades of function. We know that the 10 year survival rate of these is around 90% however, which means that some cases do fail. It is most important to maintain excellent oral hygiene and have regular dental check-up and hygiene appointments, not just to monitor and maintain your dental implant, but also your whole mouth. This way if there are any issues which are starting to occur, we can pick them up early on and prevent them from becoming a more serious problem.

Case Study

Our patient visited the studio with an old crown which has fractured under the gum line making it loose, causing swelling, redness of the gum and persistent pain.

Step 1

The dental implant is placed in to the jaw. In this case, a temporary tooth was attached to the implant on the same day as the surgery.

Step 2

After approximately 3 months the temporary tooth or healing abutment is removed and  the implant is tested to confirm its integration. An impression is then taken or a digital scan may be taken to allow a new porcelain crown to be made

Step 3

Approximately 2 weeks after the procedure, the final porcelain crown is inserted

Final Smile

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