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Dr. Michelle Tran


Dr Michelle grew up in Melbourne and Darwin and since completing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in Cairns has fallen in love with Queensland moving to the coast to embrace the sunshine, beaches and lifestyle it brings.

Dr Michelle has had experience working over in Darwin, Tasmania, Bargara and has also volunteered overseas in Vietnam in an education/training program providing dental treatment to over 400 primary school students and their families.

Dr Michelle is passionate about upskilling herself and strives to learn and implement excellence in dentistry to look after patients with high quality dental care and expertise. Dr Michelle has particular interests in the realms of general care, cosmetic and functional rehabilitations.

Dr Michelle has completed a comprehensive orthodontics course and is an Invisalign® accredited dentist. This gives her a understanding of the relationship of the teeth, jaw, skeletal positions, airways and muscular structures, and has undergone several courses in pursuit of dental excellence. Amongst this, Dr Michelle has also been invited to be a speaker and supervisor to inspire and educate colleagues.

Outside of the dental office, Dr Michelle enjoys being out and about and can be found enjoying activities such as dancing, painting and drawing, food, swimming, sightseeing/exploring and photography. Interests in creative arts and photography helps Dr Michelle to be able to utilise her artistic skills with planning and implementation of aesthetic dentistry and to help people along their journey to achieve their goals with their teeth, gums, function and their smile.

Get to know Michelle!

The exact moment that I decided I wanted to become a dentist was…
There was not an exact “A-ha” moment with fireworks in the background, however, the reason I pursued dentistry in the first place was because I wanted to make a difference in the realms of healthcare and contribute my part to help others. I have seen first-hand how important health care and especially oral health is and I knew I had to do something in this realm.
I found that dentistry was the best fit as I could create beautiful art by the hands of a surgeon, with eyes of a sculptor, have theories and the mind of a scientist and educator and have an empathetic heart like a therapist all in one hit. I also wanted to help shape the future of dentistry and teach others my learned skills and experience to benefit the future of upcoming dentists.
What I love most about my job is…
“They say the smile is the window to the soul”. I love being apart of that life-changing experience of improving someone’s confidence, bringing happiness to someone, getting them more comfortable and even getting people out of pain. It is so rewarding to be apart of someone’s journey with their oral health and I love it!
My favourite type of dental treatment is…
I love working on aesthetic and functional dentistry and shaping the looks, moving teeth positions and improving the functionality of the teeth to suit that particular person. I do also have the guilty pleasure of enjoying new patient exams and regular active maintenance as it is really the best part of my day to get to know people and then it is like reuniting with an old friend or a family member with stories to tell.
If I wasn’t a dentist, I would be an…
Astronaut (jokes). Probably a doctor or I would most likely be a vet/vet dentist for exotic animals such as tigers, red pandas, etc.
My favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast in my spare time is…
In my spare time, I enjoy creative arts (photography, painting, drawing, dancing) and also love travel and food. I love seeing the beauty in wherever I go. Whether it be in the arts, culture, people, sports, nature and food (especially food). I am a big foodie and enjoy all cuisines and enjoy cooking in my spare time. I am also a wannabe sports fanatic, especially for soccer and fishing.


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